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Tower Cranes
  • Topless Tower Crane

    Contact NowTopless Tower Cranetopless tower craneStandard model 5510Maximum lift capacity : 6tTip load : 1tFree standing height : 41.5mMaximum anchorage height : 152mJib length : 55mMast size : 1.68*1.68*2.99 mPower : 380V/50Hz/3PRead More2015-11-16

  • Top Kits Tower Crane

    Contact NowTop Kits Tower Cranetop kits tower crane QTZ63-5010Free standing height : 30mMaximum lift capacity : 5tTip load : 1tJib length : 50mMaximum anchorage height : 120mMast size : 1.6*1.6*2.5 mPower : 380V/50Hz/3PRead More2015-11-16

  • Inner Climbing Tower Crane

    Contact NowInner Climbing Tower Craneinner climbing tower craneQTG 10This is an upper slewing type tower crane which has level arms.Max. work range is 9m. Self -weight (without balance weight blocks) is 2.17 tons, total installed capacitRead More2015-11-16

  • Self Erecting Tower Crane

    Contact NowSelf Erecting Tower Craneself erecting tower craneOur Tower Crane is characterized by horizontal jib frame, trolley travel, slewing self-climbing, novel structure and reliable running. All accessories are adopted from home faRead More2015-11-16

  • Luffing Jib Tower Crane

    Contact NowLuffing Jib Tower Craneluffing jib tower crane1.Real factory ,more than 10 years of specialized production experience2..Installation support including oversea service, help customers to install and adjust the production welRead More2015-11-16

  • Electric Tower Crane

    Contact NowElectric Tower Craneelectric tower craneHigh technology,scientific management and rigorous quality inspection system have brought into our company. We use the electric elements and other important mechanical parts of gooRead More2015-11-16

  • Self Standing Tower Crane

    Contact NowSelf Standing Tower Craneself standing tower crane QTZ40-4808Free standing height : 29mMaximum lift capacity : 4tTip load : 0.8tJib length : 48mMaximum anchorage height : 120mMast size : 1.5*1.5*2.2 mPower : 380V/50Hz/3PRead More2015-11-16

  • Mobile Tower Cranes

    Contact NowMobile Tower Cranesmobile tower cranesQTZ50-5010Free standing height : 29mMaximum lift capacity : 4tTip load : 1tJib length : 50mMaximum anchorage height : 120mMast size : 1.6*1.6*2.5 mPower : 380V/50Hz/3PRead More2015-11-16

  • Mini Tower Crane

    Contact NowMini Tower Cranemini tower crane1.load moment limiter and load lifting limiter with high accuracy and reliability.2.unique anti breakage device for trolley shaft.3.both fixed supports and rail tracks are optional4.woRead More2015-11-16

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