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Crane Accessories
  • Hydraulic Grab

    Contact NowHydraulic Grabhydraulic grab1. The hydraulic orange peel grab can be classified into rotary type and non-rotary type according to different requirements.2.The non-rotary hydraulic orange peel grab adopts the oil ciRead More2015-11-17

  • Crane Grab

    Contact NowCrane Grabcrane grabSpecialized in handling all kinds Powder and Granular bulk materials. The grab adapts Single twisted axis bucket. The grab overall structure is light and durable, offering high grabbing ratiRead More2015-11-17

  • Crane Magnets

    Contact NowCrane Magnetscrane magnetsElectronic Lifting Magnet is suitable for transferring cast ingots, steel balls and kinds of steel scraps. It adopts a special magnetic circuit design which has large air space and magnetRead More2015-11-17

  • Small Magnets

    Contact NowSmall Magnetssmall magnetsThe magnetic lifter magnet features a breakaway force 3.0 times greater than the working load limit.Weight capacities are available from 100kg to 6000kg.No electricity needed which will iRead More2015-11-17

  • Lifting Magnets

    Contact NowLifting Magnetslifting magnetselectric lifting magnet Mainly features are as following:1.MW5 series electromagnet lifer use special magnetic path design,gap flux density is high.Non magnetic coil back plate is madeRead More2015-11-17

  • Winch Trolley

    Contact NowWinch Trolleywinch trolleyElectric Winch is a kind of widely using machine in lifting machinery. It can lift heavy weightin the Construction Site and Port pier, also it can be the Tractive power in installing ofRead More2015-11-17

  • Bus Bars Copper

    Contact NowBus Bars Copperbus bars copperelectric bus bar 99.99% electrolytic copper 3 -16 conductor bars enclosed 30A-300A safe, simple, easy to install3 phase crane copper enclosed electric bus bar with current 30A-210ATheRead More2015-11-17

  • Electric Bus Bars

    Contact NowElectric Bus Barselectric bus barsFeatures:Our conductor bar system are often used in many area. Like as the conveyor system, Roller Coaster, Multipole feed system, bridge construction crane,water treatment works andRead More2015-11-17

  • Crane Bus Bar

    Contact NowCrane Bus Barcrane bus barApplication:1. overhead and elongated tracks for crane2.electric hoists, electric tools, sracking systems.3.other applications for supplying power to moving power load.Design features:ComRead More2015-11-17

  • Hook Block

    Contact NowHook Blockhook blockHook block complies with API 8C standard.Joining traveling block and hook together reduces overall length and can help satisfying the requirements of top drive operation.The hook block is eqRead More2015-11-17

  • Lifting Cranes

    Contact NowLifting Craneslifting cranesBrief Introduction: Motor: Hoist Motor is a taper type rotor motor with braking, it is made by Nanjing special motor factory, it is of the best quality motors, it has bigger torque, so iRead More2015-11-17

  • Crane Hook Block

    Contact NowCrane Hook BlockCrane hook block1. Crane hook is a device for grabbing and lifting loads, such as a hoist or crane.2. Lifting hook is usually equipped with a safety latch to prevent the disengagement of the lifting wRead More2015-11-17

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