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About Us
A Professional Non-standard Lifting Equipment Manufacturer. Tavol Cranes Group can provide to customers a wide range of lifting products and Construction Machinery,with compact design, low headroom, good safety, high performance and efficient operation. Tavol cranes supply and produce a wide range of Cranes Machinery and Materials Handling equipment from 100Kg to more than 300tons, to meet customer requirements for different operating conditions and providethem with one-stop solutions.  Tavol products including electric chain hoist, electric wire rope hoist, Double girder open winch, single-girder crane,double girder crane, gantry crane, jibcrane, explosion-proof hoist, explosion-proof crane,Tower Cranes, Building Hoist, Lift table, Scissor Lift, Lift platform and all kinds spare parts for Cranes and hoist etc. Tavol Cranes owns the more than 20 Sales and after services Agents within the whole China domestic,Sales Net Touch-on All of the Big and Small Factories, Workshop, Hydraulic Power Plant, Steel factories, Dock, Mines etc.   Tavol Cranes has come into the International Market for the sales of the cranes machinery andhydraulic lift platform products Since 2005, Carry on all kinds  International Bidding for the Cranes and Warehouse Building,Own three Special International Installation Team, which has Sales and Service for Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Russia,Australia, Egypt, Iran, Congo, Brazil, Peru and Canada etc more than 30 countries and regions.  Continuously Meet the demand of customers, provide the best solution for customers, improve work efficiency and improve customer satisfaction is the power and direction of Tavol People. Welcome to choose Tavol Cranes, Sincerely hoping to growth together with you!

Shandong Tavol Machinery Co.,Ltd